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Hungarian Heritage on Every Plate: Discover Hungary's Soul in Every Bite at Aranybastya Restaurant

Embark on a delightful culinary journey at Aranybastya Restaurant in the Buda Castle, where the flavours of typical Hungarian food in Budapest come to life. Immerse yourself in the rich essence of Hungarian culture, savouring the best traditional food through our local specialties and time-honoured recipes. Our culinary creations extend beyond mere meals; they are delicious tributes to the authentic heritage of Hungary. At Aranybastya, we focus on creating experiences that capture Hungary's essence.
Immerse yourself through a slow-food experience in the essence of Hungarian culture with our Aranybastya Hungaricum Menu, showcasing the epitome of Hungarian cuisine. Let our 5-course menu be your guide to an unforgettable culinary adventure — A mix of tasty flavours, a nod to tradition, and a celebration of Hungary's wonderful culture.

Amuse bouche

Fattened goose liver bonbon

Welcome drink: 'Four-in-hand'
Pálinka, Törley Sparkling Wine, Hungarian acacia honey, Alföld chamomile


Mangalica pâté, beetroot, red onion from Makó, plum


Hungarian goulash soup

Main courses

Pheasant leg paprikashground paprika from Szeged, buttered dumplings, onions, tomatoes
Stumpf Pincészet Nagy - Eged Grand Superior Bikavér 2018


Veal paprikash
ground paprika from Szeged, dill and sheep curd wide noodles, cucumber salad 
Stumpf Pincészet Nagy - Eged Grand Superior Bikavér 2018


Potato casserole, Gyulai sausage
Fröccs (Spritzer)(Váli Pincészet Olaszrizling 2021)


Dobos Cake
Zwack Unicum Riserva 4 cl  

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