Step into the heart of Buda Castle and savor the charm of Italy! We are delighted to announce that Aranybástya Függőkert will open its doors in May, welcoming you to indulge in authentic Neapolitan pizzas and the refined world of Italian gastronomy in the historic Buda Castle. You'll embark on a unique experience as you toast with the bubbles of Prosecco, admire the breathtaking panorama, and delight in the flavors of true culinary masterpieces that our delicious pizzas offer. A truly exceptional culinary adventure awaits you at Aranybástya Függőkert!

The Three Ps - Prosecco, Panorama and Pizza

Pampering in every sense. Prosecco is a fresh and bubbly drink that perfectly complements your light dining experience. Pizza, the pinnacle of Italian gastronomy, is crafted using traditional recipes and fresh ingredients. And finally, the breathtaking panorama that offers Budapest's iconic sights from the terrace, while you enjoy your food and drink. These elements together create an unforgettable experience at Aranybástya Függőkert.

The Magic of Neapolitan Pizza

Discover the secret of Neapolitan pizza, whose magic brings an unmistakable Italian atmosphere to the Buda Castle District. Each pizza is prepared using recipes certified by AVPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Association) and the latest technology, intending to protect and preserve pizzas made and processed according to ancient Neapolitan traditions and customs. The true masterpiece of Neapolitan pizza-making is the Moretti Forni Neapolis oven, which not only is the world's most powerful electric oven but also respectfully preserves centuries of experience, blending the essence of Italian cuisine with the latest technological advancements.

The Golden Bastion proudly adheres to the tradition of true Italian gastronomy, using the best Italian ingredients to ensure that all our dishes perfectly evoke the flavours and aromas of Italy. Are you ready to discover the rich flavours of authentic Italian cuisine, which we infuse into every dish?

Feel free to walk in at any time; no reservation is necessary. Just gather your friends, family, or loved ones and enjoy the magical atmosphere of Függőkert, where the fizz of Prosecco, the breathtaking panorama, and the perfect pizza combine to create an unforgettable dining experience! Let every sense relax and savor the flavors of authentic Italian gastronomy and the unique panorama of Budapest.

Please note that weather conditions may affect your visit.