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Hungarian Culinary Wonders: Explore the Aranybastya Hungarikum Menu!

We invite you to a one-of-a-kind culinary journey into Hungarian traditions and flavours. The Aranybastya Restaurant presents its Hungarikum Menu, carefully curated by our chef, Attila Szél, ensuring a genuine gourmet experience. Why "Hungarikum Menu"? The term "Hungarikum" refers to a collective concept representing the pinnacle achievements of Hungarian culture, characterized by unique qualities, distinctiveness, and exceptional quality that exemplify the Hungarian people. These are values, traditions, and products that embody the peak performance of Hungarian identity. The Hungarikum law defines and regulates what is considered a Hungarikum. The Aranybastya Hungarikum Menu is named as such because it features iconic Hungarian dishes and ingredients paired with specialty drinks, highlighting the curiosities of Hungarian cuisine. Each dish and drink on the menu are a representation of Hungary's gastronomic excellence, showcasing the nation's cultural richness and heritage. Our selection includes Hungarian wines and pálinka that perfectly complement each dish, accentuating their unique flavours.