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Karolina Sávolt


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: Blanka Bán

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Marica Borbás-Tóth

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Opening ceremony - FineArt Hungary, Artwork of the Year

FineArt Hungary

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Alexandra Hegedűs

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Oliver Szax

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Edina Som-Balogh

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Charity auction

Creating is good, creating together is even better!


prise: 50.000 Ft

The auction sale of the painting serves charitable purposes. In the autumn of 2022 our guests could create on the canvas placed at the entrance of the Aranybástya restaurant. The aim of the project was to sell the work at a charity auction, offering the ammount to the Pál Zsótér Foundation. The painting is approved by a Hungarian art historian. Alexandra Hegedűs, a young visual artist currently exhibiting at the restaurant, provided the basic motif on the canvas, after which the guests continued the painting according to their own taste. The finished work has an eclectic, unique style.